Yarn Matters

Yarn Matters is a creation of two opposite minds that compliment each other – Marina and Kevin Hayes. Marina is the left brain creative side responsible for the artistic aspect of the shop like colors, feels, style and content – customers have learned how well Marina approaches color. Marina runs her own brand of hand-dyed yarn, Yarn Matters. Kevin is the right brain analytical side responsible for numbers and quantities – how many, how much, and when. Kevin loves his Square reports. He is the King of Inventory.

Marina was born and raised in Russia. Knitting was a part of growing up in the 80’s Soviet Union. Marina also knows how to crochet. Her designs have appeared in US and UK publications. Some patterns are exclusively available at Yarn Matters. Her customers enjoy interacting with the person who actually created the design making for a wonderful experience.

Marina and Kevin appreciate all the support they receive from family, friends, and the knitting community of Williamsburg, VA and surrounding areas. They also love to meet tourists, who stop by at Yarn Matters during their travels. We are conveniently located only ONE mile from exit 231A on I-64.